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Concrete is a popular and stylish choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, features (like natural looking cracks) and aggregates—and given a textured surface or ground until glossy. Concrete floors are extremely durable, easy to clean, and water resistant when properly sealed.  Decking Around has the experience you need at an affordable cost.  
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Founded in 1995, Decking Around has over 20 years of experience refinishing tennis courts in the San Francisco North Bay area. We work with both residential and commercial clients to provide them with high quality refinishing that stands up to the test of time. Your satisfaction with our work is our priority.
The cost of installing concrete floors depends entirely on what you want done. Generally, we charge by the square foot plus any repairs or corrective Issues.

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Completion of your concrete flooring depends what is being done. Some floors can be completed in under a week, while more complex or custom designs can take longer.
In order to keep your floors looking beautiful regular maintenance will be required.  Fortunately, there is less maintenance than most floors require.

  • Sweep the floor daily with a microfiber pad to keep dirt particles off the floor. Soils act as an abrasive and can ruin the clarity and shine of polished concrete.
  • If wet mopping the floor, always use clean water and clean mops. Use an automatic floor scrubber equipped with a nonabrasive pad to clean large square footage areas. Mop and bucket cleaning can be used in smaller areas.
  • When wet mopping, use a neutral floor cleaner formulated to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed. Using water only leaves much of the dirt on the floor, where it will eventually abrade and discolor the surface.
  • Try to clean spills and stains from the floor as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure any cleaning solutions do not dry on the floor. This can be accomplished by cleaning small areas and making sure the entire process is complete before moving on to other areas.
We offer a one year labor and workmanship warranty. Materials are warranted by the manufacturer through the installer.

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